Unique Ways to Spring Clean

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to getting a bit more organized and decluttering my life around this time of the year. Here I’m going to share some unique ways that I love to spring clean:

Music. New season, new tunes, am I right? Music is something that changes with the seasons for most people, so I suggest clearing out older songs on your current playlists and replacing them with new ones. I tend to enjoy more upbeat, indie/alternative music around this time of year, so I’ll declutter my current playlists and add these vibes instead (everyone MUST have the new Ed Sheeran, no excuses).

Social media. Have you seen my latest post about detoxing from social media? I talked about how disconnecting seriously helps to clear your mind and be more present. But for those times when you do use social media (which is all of us), you should consider cleaning them out by only following those accounts that actually benefit your life. I’ll notice every few months that I’m following accounts on Instagram or pages on Facebook that I end up scrolling past. And that’s not to say the content is uninteresting or poor in some way, but I just enjoy other content more. So why not only keep accounts that are of greater quality for you vs following a larger quantity of accounts?

Your time. You’re probably thinking “I need more time, not less!” Yes, we are all busy, but most of us are too busy IMO. If you feel that you are rundown, then you probably are. I find that making two or three priorities for each day helps me to stay motivated and clears up my time come nighttime. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a HUGE believer in downtime and you can read more about how you can stay even more productive with downtime from my previous post.

Workouts. It’s about that time where New Years goals may be fading and people start to feel unmotivated with their current workout routine. I’m a big believer that fitness shouldn’t be a fad and instead should be thought of as a lifestyle (cliche, but it’s true). If you aren’t enjoying your current routine, clear out what you don’t like! I recommend sitting down and seriously thinking about what you actually love doing and incorporating those into your week when you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. I really love lifting weights, going on walks, and doing some yoga but do not like running (or any cardio machines for that matter). So I will not do those! You probably can’t tell from my blog/Instagram yet, but I have a huge passion for living a healthy lifestyle and plan on creating a new section for this soon!

The closet. Okay this may not be “unique,” but I had to add it to this list. I mean, who doesn’t feel better about clearing out their wardrobe and donating their unused items? My rule of thumb: only keep items that I have ACTUALLY worn within the past six months. If you haven’t touched it, clear it out! To make this task less daunting, I suggest clearing out only sections at a time. For instance, I cleared out my shoes this past Saturday and then swapped my winter clothes for spring clothes this past Sunday. You can then ask any family members or friends if they want to sort through your items and donate the rest.

How do you like to spring clean? I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments below. Happy cleaning!

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