The Social Media Detox

I’ll admit it: I am 1000% addicted to social media to the point that it scares me. The only time of day that I really am not scrolling through my phone is in the mornings, when I consciously leave my phone away from my reach.

This had me thinking about our family vacation to London the last week of 2016 and how we had no access to internet/social media (except at nighttime in our hotel room). We were probably on our phones for only an hour before going to sleep, where we would post a couple of photos from that day.IMG_5097IMG_4851IMG_4900

And let me tell you… this was THE BEST vacation we’ve ever had. Obviously being abroad for the first time as a family played a massive role in that statement (and how magical London is in general), but I truly believe we grew so much closer as a family from being more present. No feeling obliged to check what everyone else was doing. No mindless scrolling. No distractions (!!!). Just enjoying every moment.


2016 was an… interesting… year for many people, including my entire family for different reasons. But I can promise you, despite our pretty awful year, we still had never laughed so hard in our entire lives on this trip. Like ROTFLMAO, can’t breathe, growing a six-pack laughing. It was incredible and made me realize how important being present is in our ridiculously IN YOUR FACE social media infused world.


I’m not saying social media is the devil. At all. In fact, I’ll be posting this on social media (ironically). But I do think there is a boundary we should all consider about when and where we must be checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. etc. Here’s a few tips (that I’ll be working on as well) to detox a bit from the outside world:

1. Set aside time everyday where social media is off-limits. This is pretty obvious, but as I mentioned earlier, for me this is when I first wake up. The first hour (or sometimes more) is just time for me to relax, drink coffee, make breakfast. You get the gist.

2. Don’t bring that awkward third wheel on a date. And by third wheel, I mean your phone. And by date, I mean hanging out with any one person. But seriously, one of my pet peeves is when I’m out to lunch with someone and they literally look down at their phone as I’m speaking. When you’re with someone, don’t you just want to just be with them? This is something I make a conscious effort to do, and I’m not saying I’m perfect at it, but I think the other person will really appreciate you more without your phone (even if they don’t specifically say that).

3. Turn your phone on airplane mode when you’re working. I think everyone has had those times when a notification pops up on your phone, you check it, and then waste an hour scrolling through Facebook and Twitter when you should be working. Not only do you get less done, but you feel a bit more overwhelmed from the social media influx that isn’t even necessary.

4. Find other activities that you enjoy to relax. The most time that I personally spend on social media is definitely after dinner. And you know what? 90% of the time I never “get” anything from it. Yes, there is definitely inspiration online, but your time could also be more valuable used reading a book, spending time with family/friends, working out, etc. I’m trying to start reading more (considering I have yet to finish one book this year…yikes) and I’ve never even been much of a “reader” (clearly). So I’m going to gradually spend more time reading at night and less time scrolling the interwebs (wish me luck).

Well there you have it! Are you considering detoxing from social media? Let me know how you do in the comments below!

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