Until Next Time…

Hello blogging world! As a little intro post, I thought I’d explain a little bit about me and why I’ve decided to start a blog!

I currently live near the Windy City (I say ‘near’ as some people get peeved if you don’t actually live ON the lakefront) and I’m a twenty-something just trying to navigate this thing called life. I love all things British, my little pooch, coffee (duh), cooking/baking, & my fam/friends (of course).

Obviously there’s more to me then that, but how difficult is it to write about who you ARE in a few words, am I right? Reminds me of an interview, how the first question is always “tell me about yourself” and you’re just thinking ‘well, I was just frantically trying to find my shoes, run out the door, and not spill my coffee all over myself on the way here…’. Or is that just me?

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now about creating a lifestyle blog. I had to make one two years ago for my study abroad course where we wrote about our experiences in our internships and our adventures in London. I did really enjoy documenting some of my trip, even if at the time it seemed more like a burden considering¬†all I wanted to do was explore (i.e. not sit writing posts for hours).

I knew that if I started a new blog, I wanted it to be relatable for most other twenty-somethings. Sharing my study abroad experiences before was great, but most people probably didn’t care about my walking tour of Dublin or the floats I saw during the Pride Parade in London. Instead, you can find some personal experiences here along with general life doings. I’m leaning towards posts on how to be more positive, how to get out of a rut, perhaps some fashion-y posts, recipe ideas, etc. Whatever I’m inspired by at the moment, really.

Now, I’m definitely NOT a writer, photographer, overly creative unicorn that some (most) bloggers are. In fact, all of the photos on these posts will be taken by yours truly from my iPhone 6s (that goes for my Instagram as well). Considering I studied statistics at my university, I definitely haven’t developed¬†a “writer’s mind” either. However, I’m hoping SOMEONE will find something interesting here.

My fears for this blog? Not creating interesting enough content. No one reading my posts. Not sticking to an upload schedule consistently. Looking like a halfwit for thinking this was a good idea.

But that’s life, right? What’s the point of being human without fears?

Let me know what type of content you’re most interested in reading!

Until next time,



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